WolfQuest Mini Movie |S.uR.Viv.AL|

Annotations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ0ENXKvcFs&layer_token=67e789229506b4c8

EDIT: In the comment section, say if you want me to do more of these or if they are just spam in ur sub box x3

Survival. -title-

Okay, I wanted to thank a bunch of peeps, so I whipped out WolfQuest and shot a bunch of footage and -explosion- Tada!!! Honestly, I only wanted an excuse to use Avatar music x3 But then hibiscuswolf sent out my holiday vid to a trillion people and earned me 5 more subbas!!! -spazzm- So this vid will be dedicated to hibiscuswolf and one other person. -drumroll-

SonicHorseFan!!!! I forget the numbers in ur name again -.- But anyhow, Shep, we havent talked since the beginning of time and I just to let you know that Ima still ur friend ^^ and I luff you…. o.o’ Okay forget the second part x3

This was made with Fraps, which is a recording program that you use to record ur video games (PC)

Everything else you need to know is in the credits, and they look a damn long time to make!!! But the song at the end I took from Cazzy’s (TheEndlessFall) vid, so give her the credit for that x3

If you guys want to download these clips, feel free as long as you credit mwah ^^ : http://www.sendspace.com/file/38llh4

Post time: Oct-31-2019