Vaping Batteries Explained: What to buy? What is the Best Battery?

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Type A 3500mAH 10A -30W 0.4+ Ohms LGDBMJ1 INR
Type B 3000mAH 15A 30-40W 0.4 – 0.27 Ohms SAMSUNG INR18650 – 30Q
Type C 2500mAH 20A 40-60W 0.26-0.19 Ohms LGDBHE4 ICR
Type D 2000mAH 25A 60-120W 0.18-0.15 Ohms LGDAHD2 ICR
Type E 1500mAH 30A 120W+ 0.14-0.12 Ohms LGDAHB6 INR

Post time: Mar-24-2017