Unboxing Atkins Quick Start Kit and Atkins Bars Review and Taste Test

http://goo.gl/1mAv8A – This is the link I promised to the sign up page for the free Atkins Quick Start Kit. There’s no catch, they need your email and shipping address, they even pay shipping and handling.

The kit included 3 different Atkins bars – one small, one medium, and full size meal replacement bar. All 3 were delicious, it was hard not to eat all three of them.

Just a word of caution, the bars are sweetened with sugar alcohols, so those of you that can’t tolerate sugar alcohols might not want to eat the bars.

The kit also includes some literature: 2 coupons for $1 discounts on Atkins bars, snacks, and meals. And Atkins approved food booklet and the Atkins Quick Start guide that explains the Atkins diet and the phases. As well, there are links to the Atkins support community and where you can download the Atkins app.

The Atkins app will help you:
*search for nutritional info,
*keep track of your carb intake, your weight and how close you are to reaching your goal,
*provides a daily meal plan or help you design your own,
*has a database of the foods considered acceptable for each phase,
*and has a restaurant guide to help you make Atkins friendly food choices when dining out.

Post time: Mar-07-2017