TOGO Mini 2.0 Kangertech Vape Coil Change / Setup

In this little Togo Mini 2.0 Demo you will see How to Setup this Kangertech Vape and Change coil. Always Make sure you wet the coil first… For the best vape experience. If you don’t soak up the cotton Inside the vape, coil of Togo mini might burn out and taste wont be pleasant of burn coil. You have to put just ”enough” liquid so that cotton would be juiced up. Moisturize wherever you see dry cotton exposed.
* Fill the Kangertech Togo Mini 2.0 vape only to the ”Max” level line. If you overfill the vape, eliquid will come out after you assemble it back…You learn one way or another! Also this vape might spit with liquid to your mouth, if the coil is over flooded stick a tiny roll of
tissue inside the coil and soak out the excess liquid out of the coil. Ask I might help, comment below.

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Post time: Oct-29-2019