The Aspire BDC Clearomizers : Vapestars Reviews

When I started vaping, the Ce4 clearomizer served me very well. Soon though I was looking for a clearomizer with a larger juice capacity, better flavor and greater vapor production. Well the Aspire BDC’s were not around then, But they are here now!
The bottom coil (replaceable) design offers many advantages over the top coil design used in atomizers such as the Ce4. One of the main benefits is simply NOT FIGHTING GRAVITY… Really a solid one there lol.. The e-juice no longer has to climb UP to your coil. That ensures far fewer “dry hits” and eliminates wicking problems of the past.

Whether you go with the Aspire Maxi, 1.5ml juice capacity, ego threaded slim version.
The Aspire Vivi Nova-s, 3.5ml, Tank, 510 threaded version,
I think you will be happy with the results and will consider it an upgrade from some of the other clearomizers on the market.

The Aspire Maxi BDC runs $8.99 at

The Aspire Vivi Nova-s BDC runs $10.99 at

Post time: Dec-28-2017