Sony Stereo mini hi-fi MHC-RG70AV from 2001 with subwoofer

I recently got my hands on a Sony mini hi-fi from 2001 and am still amazed by the power of this little unit. The model is mhc rg70av and when it came out was rated at 240 watts, not sure if peak power or rms. Seems like this stereo was made to go along with the playstation 2 because there was a sticker of it on the stereo thats how old it is lol. Anyways this stereo still bumps and is way better features than newer stereos, it has game sync, dolby digital decoders, dolby surround pro logic,VACS sound filtering, powered subwoofer out, surround speakers out, complete customizable equalizer. Two levels of groove(off, groove, v-groove) , both tape decks surprisingly work even though stereo is 11 years old. Check it out. Connected to a philips game woofer that I got for $8 from friends old stereo and the main unit cost me $50 which is pretty good price.

Post time: Nov-11-2019