REVIEW | Flash Diffuser Light Softbox for Speedlite Flashes | By Altura Photo®

Looking for a flash diffuser? Consider the universal softbox flash diffuser by Altura Photo® for Canon and Nikon flashes. Find it on Amazon #CommissionsEarned

Check out our video on Altura Photo’s newly released soft box diffuser for DSLR camera.


- Includes a removable internal diffuser for added softness.
- Includes a pro-grade reflective silver interior panel.
- Anti-slip rubber grips to hold your diffuser in place.
- Adjustable velcro elastic helps fit around most sized flashes.
- Durable & high-quality material for long-lasting use.
- Dimensions 5″ x 6″
- This compact and versatile softbox diffuser is designed to create soft, diffused light by dampening the harsh effects of direct flash.
- Will attach to any flash unit, making this ideal for indoor, portrait and macro photography.
- Conveniently folds flat for easy transportation and includes a pouch for safe storage.


- Compatible with most sized flashes (including Canon 430EX II 580EX II 600EX-RT, Nikon SB-900 SB-910 AF SB-800 AF SB-700, Yongnuo YN560 II YN560 III YN560 IV and Other External Flash Units)
- Also compatible with Sunpack, Nissin, Sigma, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic Lumix Flashes.


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REVIEW | Flash Diffuser Light Softbox for Speedlite Flashes | By Altura Photo®

Post time: Nov-18-2019