Recommended Batteries For Flashlights, Preparedness

Discussing battery brands that have worked well for me, mainly in the context of flashlights, however this may also be of interest to preppers who wish to stockpile some of the best quality batteries, especially rechargeable batteries.

Storacell Battery Caddy:

AAA Batteries:
Eneloop Pro: (select size)
Duracell Rechargeable:
Sunlabz: (select size)
10440 Trustfire Li-Ion:

AA Batteries:
Energeizer Lithium:
Eneloop Pro:
Duracell Ion Core:

14500 Olight:
14500 EagleTac:
14500 NiteCore:

SureFire 123A:
Olight 16340:
EagleTac 16340:

Watson Rechargeable CR2:
Watson Rechargeable CR2 with Charger:

IMR Demonfire 18350:
Keeppower 18350:
NiteCore 18350:

18650 Olight:

26650 Keeppower:

Nitecore Intellicharger (Universal Battery Charger):
ThruNite Charger:

Recommended Flashlight Video Reviews:

NiteCore Tube Light:
NiteCore EC11:
NiteCore EA11:
Zebralight SC52:
Zebralight SC600 MKII:
ArmyTek Tiara C1 Pro Light Review:
ArmyTek Dobermann:
ThorFire PF02 Penlight:
JetBEAM Raptor:
EDC Flashlight Options:

Post time: Jul-27-2017