Massive Audio Hippo 122 @ 1ohm 1500 wrms

Song is Mo Thug Family: Ghetto Cowboy


Big 320 Magnet, Big 3 inch Voice coils, dual stitching, 2000 rms, Brand Name has won competitions. Hits all the lows you can think of. These subs are CEA 2031 Compliant thought it doesn’t say it on the description. Best Boom for the Bucks


Sub does not have terminals at the spiders for the tinsel leads. This will create some problems for those people who prefer terminals for easier wiring. But I like soldering so it works good for me.


The amount of sound you hear from this sub outlast anything in its price range. Massive Audio Hippo 122 truly goes beyond cosmetics and focus all resources to what actually matters. Big 320oz Magnet, oversize 3 inch voice coils, dual stitching, 2000 rms standard, CEA 2031 compliant.

Massive Audio Hippo 122 truly represents a Hippo by being fat, load, obnoxious, and independent. I wouldn’t have anything else in my ride.


2002 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS
-Big 3 Upgrade: Power XS XP Big 3 upgrade Kit-1/0 Gauge Wires
-SuperStart Platinum AGM Batt (Rebranded Deka Intimidator Batt)
-DC Power 180amp HP Alternator
-Sony gs610bt Single Din @ 5volt preamp out
-6.5 x2 Polk Audio MM Coaxial Front Speakers
-5.25 x2 Polk Audio MM Coaxial Rear Speakers
-1/0 Gauge power wire to distribution block
-Rockford Fosgate T400-4 AB @ 4 Gauge Wire Batt/Ground
-Rockford Fosgate T1500-1BDCP @ 4 Gauge Wire Batt/Ground
-3.0cuft custom made single ported slotted 12″ sub Box
-Massive Audio Hippo 122 @ 1ohm

-System has a total of 1500w RMS

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Post time: Nov-20-2019