Lost Your Cell Phone at Kings Island? It May Be in This Plexiglass Display Box!

If you ever find yourself waiting in line for the Diamondback roller coaster, you undoubtedly will see this display: a rather large plexiglass box 3/4ths full of cell phones, ipods, sunglasses and flip flops, all having been lost after having falling out off pockets (or off of feet) of coaster riders.

I am not sure if these articles were ALL found under just Diamondback, or if it was a park-wide collection of finds, and it is also not known just how long it took to get the display as full as it is shown in the video. Perhaps a month or two? Cell phones are undoubtedly being tossed from riders’ pockets on a daily basis.

Incidentally, if you go up to the lost & found dept, and say you lost a cell phone recently, you can likely snag a used cell phone battery that fits YOUR cell phone, for free. It’s a inexpensive way to get a free spare battery for your cell phone. They’re just going to toss them anyways, so you might as well pick up a free battery or two for your cell to use as emergency spares!

Post time: Nov-20-2019