3/6/14 UPDATE

I’ve turned off the comments on this video. This particular video is 1 year old now. I know this is not the perfect example of how to build one. It’s more to show that it CAN be done, rather than exact tutorial of how it SHOULD be done.

Like I said in the video, This has been on my “to do” list for a while after the suggestions of LOTS of people on Facebook and twitter.

It’s quite simple to do, and effective. I used 2.5mm silica and 32g kanthal in this video with decent results. Ive also seen people use SS Mesh to rebuild the coil in the Kanger ProTank as well with much success.

I’m convinced that anyone would be able to do this. It will save you money on buying more heads for your tank, and it’s honestly very satisfying vaping on a coil you have made yourself.

Happy fiddling everyone and thanks so much for watching

Post time: Feb-22-2017