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Kanger T3S Bottom Coil Clearomizer
Package Contents:

1 x Kanger T3S Bottom Coil Clearomizer

The NEW Kanger T3S Bottom Coil has replaceable coils, and a vastly improved design. save money by replacing just the bottom coil!

The coil is at the bottom of the tank, providing a nice warm vapor, with a excellent flavor, and eliminates wicking problems

The Good…

Replaceable coils

There is always liquid on the heating element due to gravity

No drainage from the mouthpiece

The Bad…

If you are not careful, you could unscrew your clearomizer from your battery and end up with a lap full of E-Liquid. Remember to grab the BOTTOM SILVER part of the T3S when unscrewing.

Remember when unscrewing from battery not to unscrew bottom coil instead. Liquid will leak out, everywhere. Believe me it happens! So hold clearomizer at base when removing battery!

How To Refill Your Clearomizer Tank

Unscrew bottom coil, hold the Clearomizer so that the mouth opening is facing the floor
Fill the Clearomizer to the maximum designated amount of E-Liquid. (You will see markings on the tank)
(There are markings on the tank)
Screw the bottom coil back on to the Clearomizer.

Allow 1 minutes for the E-Liquid to feed into the coil

Attach your eGo compatible battery, and happy vaping

How To Replace Your Coil Head

Unscrew the bottom coil.
Then install your new coil and reassemble.

Thank You!

Post time: Dec-01-2017