KangerTech EMOW Review!

Hey guys! I’m Dan aka DamikaVapes, and this is my video where I’ll be reviewing the KangerTech EMOW Starter Kit! If you’re wondering which Ecigs are my favorite, they are the Aspire Nautilus Mini tank which is amazing, and the KangerTech iPow 2 battery which is also awesome. I’m using the KangerTech EMOW VV as well, and it’s also an awesome vape. The song playing is “Hustle” by Mutrix. Thanks for
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Here’s the KangerTech Page, they make a lot of awesome products many people really enjoy including myself:


Here’s the (really cool) site for the Space Jam E-Liquid I was vaping in this video:


I used the Samsung Galaxy S5 to record this video.

Post time: Mar-27-2017