Kanger T3S & MT3S & Hangsen’s Ry4 & Banana

The Kanger T3s & MT3s is what happened when Kanger came up with when they basically morphed the T3 with the Evod, so basically you have the liquid capacity and the base of the T3 and the mouthpiece and coil design of the Evod for which the resulting end product is an enhancement that perfomances just as well as the Kanger Protank and is simple yet effective to use like the Ce series originally known as Stardust or Innokins top clearomizer products.

Hangsen’s Ry4 has a very pleasant caramelly tobacco with hints of vanilla, TH (throat hit) on this is a lil harsh but does mellow out as it goes down and the caramel presents itself really well on the exhale, so it does work well in conjunction with the taste, Vapor Production very nice and satisfying making this a desirable vape.

Hangsen’s Banana tasted much like that of a real banana that you would use in a pudding or a bread much nummyness going on here, TH (throat hit) very smooth and mellow going down and on the way back out the banana simply picks up taste on the exhale making it work well in conjunction with the taste. Vapor production works very nice and satisfying in this liquid begging to take another vape again and again.

At the moment Kanger T3s & MT3s are in limited supply however will be in full stock in the near future

Kanger T3s – https://www.ecigaretteimpressions.com/parts/kanger_t3s.php

Kanger MT3s – https://www.ecigaretteimpressions.com/parts/kanger_mt3s.php

Hangsen Ry4 – https://www.ecigaretteimpressions.com/eliquid/tobacco.php#ry4

Hangsen Banana – https://www.ecigaretteimpressions.com/eliquid/banana.php

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Post time: Jul-24-2017