Kanger Protank Glassomizer – Sun-Vapers.com first look and overview.

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I just received my sample of the Kanger Protank Glassomizer and I am extremely impressed. They follow most of my suggestions right down to the branding recommendations. It works very well produces lots of vapor and looks great.

I really hate that I have to constantly reeducate my customers on the issues with acidic eliquids like cinnamon and citrus. Alot of times it has nothing to do with fruit flavors as I have seen a honey tobacco destroy a Kanger T2. My goal was to get KangerTech to make a easy to clean, effective, strong clearomizer and the end result was a glassomizer. I consider the clearomizer dead. Long live the Pyrex based glassomizers. Long live the Kanger Protank!!!!

Post time: Jul-31-2019