Kanger EVOD 2 Review: These Things Are Awesome!

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Today I thought I’d take a look at one of my favorite budget priced clearomizers: the EVOD 2. This clearomizer is one that I have come to love after using it for a while now for a lot of reasons… all of which I’ll let you know about in my Kangertech EVOD 2 review video!

So basically the really cool thing about these clearomizers is that they are the prefect mix of ‘quality and affordable’. These clearomziers cost only a little over $5 each which is ridiculously low compared to many of the other clearomizers on the market but it’s also the only one within the price range that I’ve tried that is actually worth vaping in my opinion.

Sure these EVOD 2 clearomizers don’t come with a tonne of advanced features or anything like that but they DO work consistently, they’re easy to use and clean and they give a really good tasting vape.

And because they are so damn cheap I am able to stock up on them. And this way if I lose one or break one it’s not really a big deal. Hell I can even give one away to a friend or family member and at $5 it’s not going to break the bank.

Another cool thing about these EVOD 2s is that they also use the same coil heads as two of my other favorite Kangertech products (the Aerotank and the Protank 3) which means that I can just stock up on the one type of coil head and use it for many of my favorite clearomizers.

But yeah overall I really love these devices. Don’t be fooled by the low price tag because these clearos are awesome and I think they are worthy of both newer and more seasoned vapers alike!

Post time: Apr-12-2017