iStick 40w TC ~ Flying with Vape Stuff ~ Innokin Disrupter

7-2-15 VLOG! Welcome everyone to the VLOG for Thursday July 2nd 2015. As usual we have a whole mess of stuff to talk about. There is some advocacy at the top of the program. I re-talk about flying with your vape gear. There is beer, There are shoutouts and there are first impressions, including the new temp control iStick from eLeaf, the Innokin Disrupter and a few other surprises as well.

So tuck in, Grab some beer, Grab your best vape and enjoy the program! Timestamps, Soundcloud link and other crucial links are below.

I want to post this link twice so no one misses it. This is how you find your proper district representative. Urge them to vote no on SB140. I cant say this enough. It’s a horrible bill that will ruin vaping and close small businesses in CA.

Find your assembly person for SB140

—–Soundcloud link—–


Top of the program are Announcements / Advocacy

Calgary Vape Ban is at 4:58

BeyondVape Customer Survey is at 8:08

CRUCIAL SB140 info is at 13:08

Flying with VapeGear is at 20:30

Beer is at 21:51

Shoutouts are at 34:13

First Impressions are at 42:59

Retro Vaping is at 01:06:40

Crucial links are below

—–The Advocacy—–

Find your assembly person for SB140

Calgary Canada Vape Ban–calgary-city-council-committee-votes-in-favour-of-treating-e-cigarettes-like-smokers

—–The Beer—–

St Bernardus abt 12

—–The Vapor—–

The Joyetech eGrip OLED CL

Innokin Disrupter

RigMod V2


Titan Box ( viewer mail )

TugLyfe Box ( viewer Mail )

—–The Other—–

Art Of Vaping youtube

Amazing Battery Info Video

—–Weekly Review Series—–

Sassy Mech Mod

Zephyrus RTA

Innokin Cool Fire V4

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