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INSTRUCTIONS: How to change your coil on your tank.

1) Unscrew the bottom part of the tank to get access to the old coil.

2) Unscrew the old coil. *It is also called an atomizer head or replacement head.

3) Pre-saturate the new coil. 5-8 drops is good. *Pre-saturating just means to put juice on the cotton.

4) Screw the new coil in. Hand tighten it, but don’t overdue it. Just snug.

5) Screw the top part of the tank back onto the base.

6) Fill the tank with liquid if necessary. If you already have juice in the tank, you can just top it off.

7) Fully saturate the coil. Make sure the cotton surrounding the coil is soaked with eliquid. You can do this by either letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes or by doing “primer puffs”.

*Primer puffs just means closing off all of the airflow holes and taking a few puffs from the tank WITHOUT pressing the button. 3 to 5 puffs is sufficient.


This is part of a new “How To” series.

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