How to clean your ecig tank & atomizer. FULL Cleaning. Quick & Easy

A simple cleaning of my EVOD tank. I cleaned the atomizer too.

All you need:

Paper towels
Water (for the tank)

Don’t be forceful when cleaning the tank itself or you could damage the tank.

The cleaning takes about 3-5 minutes. Quick & Easy.

I clean mine each day.

I got that delicious Wayne Crazy eJuice from Vape Crazy. Wayne Crazy is an RY4 blend with Carmel but it has a subtle butterscotch type taste to me. Great stuff.

I got the great Coumarin pipe tobacco eJuice from Foghog vapors in Nashville. This stuff is excellent and has a subtle marshmallow like aftertaste. Wonderful juice.

Blending the 2 juices is great.

Happy Vaping!

Post time: Apr-05-2019