Galo Brito Honda Odyssey VIP Air Ride kit Airtekk Engineering stance air suspension revhart

Galo Brito has taken his 2007 Honda Odyssey to another level. The front and rear fenders were extended so that a 20×9+15 225/35 front and 20×11+15 245/35 20 rear XXR 536 would fit. The rear quarters were tubbed out so that he would be able to slam the van. The Mini Van was sent over to Airtekk Air rides for a suspension over haul. The Suspension was also added a iPhone app so that he would be able to control it on his phone as well.
He also had Airtekk redesign his grill to what they call a Marosa VP grill.
Although after speaking Galo he says his build has not been officially completed and that he intends to finish his interior. Hope to see very soon what he will have for us.
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Post time: Aug-04-2019