Flow Mini Boombox 5.1 Tower Speaker[Unboxing & Review]

Flow Mini Boombox 5.1 Tower Speaker

Key Features
• Tower Speaker System
• 4 Speakers
• 1 Subwoofers
• All Audio Format Supported

In The Box
One Tower Speaker

As the name suggest,this is going to boom your house.This music system has been designed for each and everyone who like sto listen to quality music.Yes quality music is the word for boom box. It comes with unique stylish elegant design.Anyone who sees it gets magical about it. It powered via superior HD Sound Technology from Flow which makes its unique and elegant. It is made up in pure wood to give you rich quality sound. Comes with powerful remote which is fully functional with all the feature you need,either to change songs/change mode/equilizer and more. Powered to play songs via Aux,Bluetooth,USB FM and more. Buy once and use for the lifetime is product guarantee from the flow. Enjoy this lovely magical boombox.


Post time: Oct-30-2019