Electric Dangers with Lithium Ion 18650 – Battery Fires Exposed and DIY Solution

The danger of Lithium Ion 18650 Batteries and possible Battery Fires Exposed and How to Make Them Safer with a DIY Solution that will work for MOST situations. I was taking batteries out of laptop battery packs and I was getting flashes of shorts when I did not expect them. It turns out the positive and negative parts of the battery are less than 1/8″ apart from each other with only a very thin piece of mylar covering them for insulation.

I know many use these batteries for powering e-bikes, in fact I am planning on doing the same. But when i discovered just how close to danger we are to a horrific in-ride accident, I knew I had to find a better method for mounting and protecting them.

These batteries are being put together for my own e-bike build which I am creating here on Youtube, so subscribe and stay tuned :)

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Post time: Dec-28-2017