Ebay Ultrafire 18650 Battery Review – 6000mAh

I found the BEST deal on Sanyo 3500mAh cells at Aliexpress!!
6 Pack – $40.85: http://tidd.ly/1e89d84c, ($6.81/cell)
I have ordered and received the 6 pack, and tested that the cells are Genuine, with low internal resistance and great capacity delivery, better than the LG 3500mAh I tested in this video!(Waiting for 10 pack, and will make a video for both):
10 Pack $59.99: http://tidd.ly/ec4fbd56
4 Pack – $28.58: http://tidd.ly/3e1dc2f1
2 Pack – $16.01: http://tidd.ly/59ae237

#1 is the LG 3500mAh/10A, by Genuine Cells from Fasttech below:
4 Pack – $24.25: http://shrsl.com/?dowt
2 Pack – $12.48: http://shrsl.com/?dows
1 Pack – $6.72: http://shrsl.com/?dowq

Cyber Sales – http://tidd.ly/a9ddc6db
LED Lights and Flashlights – http://tidd.ly/802191a7
Outdoor Sports Equipment – http://tidd.ly/d8073d97

If you’re looking for a well priced quality battery, get the Panasonic 3400mAh(7A rated): http://tidd.ly/2637213d – 4 Pack $14.59
1 Pack – $4.04: http://tidd.ly/c633d605

And if you’re after the MOST power, the Sony VTC5 is good for 30A but only 2600mAh capacity:
4 Pack – $18.59: http://tidd.ly/3ec56fd2
2 Pack – $8.93: http://tidd.ly/5e94faf4
1 Pack – $4.59: http://tidd.ly/afc24821

If you want a balance of power and capacity, get the LG HG2 3000mAh/20A:
4 Pack – $22.77: http://tidd.ly/77b693e7

I recommend these good chargers:
Nitecore D4 – $32.00: http://tidd.ly/b490d437
XTAR VC4 – $29.95: http://tidd.ly/55cbc781
SoShine E4S – $13.39: http://tidd.ly/3ba0c03a

DO NOT BUY CHEAP BATTERIES FROM EBAY: You will be getting a questionable cell, without a protection circuit, when they say you have a protected cell, this can lead to a dangerous situation. Buy a quality cell from Gearbest or Fasttech.

As of Oct 2015The LG 3500mAh and Panasonic 3400mAh cells are the good for you if you require up to 10A(LG) or 7A(Panasonic) of current and want the most capacity available. Where you require 20A of current, the LG 3000mAh 18650HG2 will be “best”.
Check out my video here for some testing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnf0RnXhgjY

In this video, I give a run down of the Ultrafire 6000mAh battery(Some call these batteries “fake”, but let’s test them anyways, as they are readily available, and have been for many years). I’ve tested these throughout the years, and they’ve always provided only ~50% the capacity of a normal 18650 battery, which is supposed to be ~2200mAh. I’m not sure where they get the 6000mAh from, but they must have been travelling at the speed of light when they observed the testing.

If you’re comfortable taking apart battery packs and using unprotected cells(a short will be dangerous, as the cells in a laptop battery are UNPROTECTED, and are more dangerous if shorted, as they do not have the protection circuit included), then you can order HP battery packs to get good quality cells from there. Any other name brand laptop battery works as well.

The no-name laptop battery packs don’t seem to work that well, 1500mAh is not that bad, but I would rather have a good quality 2200mAh cell.

Do NOT buy the “defective” laptop batteries, they are most likely used battery packs, and you’ll only get crappy 200mAh cells out of there. If the laptop battery has been used, the cells will most likely be completely worn out, and have no capacity, and very high internal resistance(bad for current draw).

The flashlights mentioned in the video are the Skyray King 7x Cree XM-L2, and WF-501B, or WF-502B(Same flashlight, but with a belt clip).
I recommend the Convoy S2+(http://tidd.ly/6a7c45ee) and SkyRay King(http://tidd.ly/8a444085), they are great go to flashlights and very well priced, I would spend my hard earned money on them, and that’s why I recommend them to you.

Hope that information helps you out!
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Post time: Feb-25-2017