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Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used, or registered or licensed for use upon a highway.

The Dynojet Power Commander is a fuel management system for your bike that helps the rider get the best performance of their machine. The Power Commander is like an electronic jet kit that helps to optimize the fuel to air ratio in the bike for smoother throttle response, and in some cases, torque and horsepower gains. The Power Commander plugs between the stock ECU (electronic control unit) and the injectors on your bike to adjust the amount of fuel that is delivered for optimized performance. The stock tuning on any bike off the lot is optimized for fuel efficiency and emissions control, not for optimal power. By installing a Power Commander V or a Power Commander III, you are able to tune the bike for optimal power by overriding the input from the ECU. Installation varies from bike to bike and can be anywhere from one set of injector wires to connect to 4 full sets for some inline 4 applications. Once installed, Dynojet offers over 20,000 maps to give your bike and your set up, including aftermarket exhaust and air filter changes, the best fuel ratio. Other accessories that can be added to a Power Commander include Autotune, an LCD display, map switches and quick shifters. Whether you run a stock set up on your bike or have invested in upgraded exhaust and air filters, the Dynojet Power Commander will offer a smoother power band and optimized performance of your machine.

Post time: Dec-01-2019