Defender Mod From Heatvape – Pre-Release First Look / Vape

Update: Heatvape got in touch and the revisions for this mod will not include the 36 watts and .2 ohm capability. It will ship with 25 watts, and .5 ohm capability. They will develop a separate device with removable battery that will do the 36 watts and .2 ohm. We’ll see how the revised version looks when it comes in!

Heatvape got ahold of me recently about a new mod they are about to release and wanted to have me test it out, give them some suggestions for improvement before it’s release, and do a first look video so you all could check it out. After my suggestions, they’ve taken action and made every change I wanted for the final version. Once I receive that from them, I’ll do a giveaway and full review. The changes include a new Stainless Steel 510 connector / threads, eliminating the gap between an atomizer and the 510 connector, a fingerprint resistant coating on the finish, changed the max wattage from 25 to 36 watts, a more firm fire button, and the ability to fire down to .2 ohms. At least that’s what I’m told :-) If that’s all the case, this will be one nice little mod! Final cost should be between $35 and $50 depending on where you buy it.

Here’re a couple of sites with pre-sales on them, but you know once they’re released, they’ll probably be all over the place:

As always, these are my opinions only, and your mileage may vary. I’m simply sharing my experiences with these devices or juices to give you information to make your own decisions.


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Post time: Dec-13-2019