Ave40 User Guide to Activating eGrip 30W OLED Kit from 20W to 30W

Guide to Activating eGrip CL 30W OLED Kit from 20W to 30W from AVE40 ( https://www.ave40.com )
Product Link: https://www.ave40.com/store/joyetech-egrip-30w-oled-cl-head-starter-kit.html
If you have a new eGrip 30W at hand and are puzzled by its initial utmost wattge of 20W instead of 30W, this is the video to show you how to activate this hidden extra wattage level.
This is a simple video made by Ave40 staffers for informing our valued clients and Youtube audience of the activation process. To put in short, all you need to do it to first and foremost, make sure the device is powered off, and then click the power button for 30 times consecutively at a certain time interval between each click, as is shown in the video. Hope it helps. Happy vaping!

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Post time: Apr-27-2018