Aspire Nautilus BVC Rebuild – Tim’s Vape Lounge

Hey campers! Today, we’re going to finally rebuild a Nautilus BVC coil. Don’t mind the lack of caffeine. Let me know what you think down below or email me timsvapelounge (gmail.)

Eek, I totally forgot to mention. Stock build +1: 28 gauge 2.4-3mm depending on airflow preference. Shoot for 1.8 ohm.

Mini atlantis build: 26 gauge, 3.1mm, .8-1.1.

These builds are done at your own risk and know that you can break shit by doing it. I take no responsibility if you short your shit out or burn up your insulator. That is a possibility on the 26ga build. Cheers.

Plan your builds at I use the advanced mode and for BVCs I put in 15mm for total leg length. Remember, resistance is determined by the total length of the wire, so long legs will “eat” your power.

Post time: Feb-24-2017