18650 Battery Addict

18650 Batteries Neat little things. Rinoa Super-Genius has got me hooked. I started with the intention of building a second battery pack for my 24 volt Currie E-Bike. (I have Built 2) I was disappointed on how many dead batteries there where in the Packs I bought on E bay. Luckily I did not throw them away. I tried jump starting with 12 volt battery and charging them with a good battery in parallel but little success, They are dangerous as everybody says as I had a pack explode and smoke up my work space. One of the balance leads shorted out (Operator Error) Nasty Clean-up. So be careful with them. I have been able to recover 100 batteries so far and they are holding the charge. I will next discharge them and check capacity. Hope this helps some of you newbies

By the way, Thank You Rinoa Super-Genius

Post time: Dec-04-2017